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You'll have fun!

Originally Posted by threej21 View Post
Wow Wow, you really are outdoing yourself with all this info. thanks a lot Sounds like you are now my official tour guide! Lol, if you plan this trip for me, day by day, like it seems you are, i will be in debt to you sir...

okay, recap. We will likely be flying in on a fri ev staying through the following Friday/Saturday. so probably like a 6 night deal.

im hearing you all on staying more around tahoe city, but was unclear on the closeness that is to say Squaw Valley. So lets just say im sold on staying at a ski in/ski out lodge in Squaw. for one, we probably wont do any resort hopping as its just not our preference. i would rather see as much of one mountain as possible, with the hopes of 'knowing' my way around by the last couple days riding, then be holding a map for my entire time on mountain. i know some may not agree with that, but for plans sake, lets just assume that we will only ride at squaw and alpine.

now, lets take it from the start:

where do we fly into if were staying at squaw?

any recomendations on specific lodging at squaw?

if staying in squaw, how do i naviagate some of these sight seeing things you mentioned? as in, are the roads/highways you said to take coming out of squaw? or were you assuming i was staying else where?
same with the drive around the that easy to navigate (signage?), or do you have to know all the different roads to take to do it successfully.

we will have a car, so no problem doing it, just dont want to be lost.

think thats said it will probably be a 6-7 night/7-8 day trip, with 4-5 days of board time, so we will have some time to do some touristy stuff.

surf, im fairly half ass serious about you planning this thing for me day to day, minute by minute, seem to really know all the awesome stuff to do. and i would gladly reimburse you somehow for your efforts

thanks everyone that has chimed in, im F'n stoked for this already
We stayed for one week our first trip. Never went for less than two after that!

Here is our general itinerary, though since you're only staying for a week, you'll have to make some adjustments. We fly into Reno; it's cheaper and way closer than SF. The flights from the East Coast don't arrive until late, and the drive across 431 (Mt. Rose) to North Lake is beautiful by day (the first breathtaking leg of your journey), but scary at night. And you'll be tired from the flight. Peppermill is "fancy" tacky, but fun and convenient. We've also stayed at a dive roadside motel whose name I can't remember. PM me; I'll look it up and send you the recs.

So, after Reno, you head from 431 to 28. You'll pass through the CalNeva Casino area, King's Beach, Tahoe Vista, Carmelian's all beautiful. Best to do by day. The road hugs the lake. There are several motels (not so much "hotels") in North Lake/Tahoe City. Pick any one near the "center" of Tahoe City. Again, it is NOT a city...a very small town. There are free shuttle busses to Squaw and Alpine and Homewood, and Tahoe Dave's snowboard shop, and art galleries and eateries overlooking the water. Very nice.

You literally won't have to do any "resort hopping" in North Lake. The biggest stuff you've ever seen are literally just a few miles down the road from each other. You'll pull into Squaw and pee your pants. You'll exhaust yourself, take in a good dinner in town, and be asleep early.

The next morning, Alpine Meadows is just ten minutes down the road. Get up early to do the Fire Sign Cafe on 89 for breakfast to carb up. Excellent! There is a shuttle to Alpine. If you're going early, drive your own car and look for a lucky parking place up front. If not, take the shuttle. Alpine's parking is the worst.

After two days as Alpine and Squaw, you might be wiped. If not, I suggest a more mellow day at Homewood Mountain, still just ten minutes from anywhere you're staying in Tahoe City. Homewood is my second favorite mountain at Tahoe, besides Kirkwood...which is weird, because Kirkwood is massive and epic, and Homewood is just...Homewood. It is stunningly beautiful, quiet, incredible glades, views you won't believe (the best at Tahoe), mellow crowds. Only two green trails, and nice steep blacks.

You'll be wiped at this point. If you make it through three days of riding, you'll want a day to relax. Maybe head to Truckee for some touristy stuff. It's a cool little village. You might spend more money there on souvenirs than you did on lift tix at the mountains. It's an easy drive from North Lake, and a good way to walk off the calf pain after a couple of days at Squaw and Alpine. Head north on 89 out of Truckee to 267 S. It will be clearly marked, and run you to Northstar. You can't miss it, cruise might want to come back/stay and ride. It's impressive, Even if not Tahoe's best.

Leave Northstar, turn right, and keep driving south on 267. You'll eventually hit 28 back to Tahoe City (the loop around the top of the lake). Stop at Garwood's for some bites and cocktails. It's got an awesome view of the lake, good food, and a nice apres ski menu. Another 15 minutes back home to pass out early.

So, assuming you didn't ski on that third day, plan on a trip to Kirkwood. Plan. Seriously...plan. Kirkwood is an adventure. If the weather is clear, no prob. Just head South on 89 through Emerald Bay, then a quick 50 to 88. If weather is bad, 88/Carson Pass will be hairy. But Kirkwood will be the highlight of your trip. You will compare everything else you've ridden to Kirkwood (up until this point).

SIDE NOTE: If you're beat from riding at Squaw/Alpine, or weather might be iffy, consider driving the night before and staying at the Lakeside Inn in South Lake. Very snowboarder friendly, cheap rooms, all night casino and Mexican restaurant, early morning breakfast, cheap tickets at the Concierge desk, and puts you way closer to Kirkwood in the morning.

I think I've tracked out five days so far. If there is a spare day, drive up to Sugarbowl, or try Sierra. You will be exhausted either way. Feel free to PM me...I'm sure I left out some details.
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