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oh gawd.....I wish I wasn't such a stoner and I could remember all the weird freaks I've shared a chair/gondi ride with!!!

Just yesterday I about kicked some fucking bro-brah skiier in the shin! I hop on an almost full gondi as a solo rider. So it's 6 skiers and me in the gondola headed to the top. The super extreme bro skiers were debating where to ride

"lets go do this supernarrow EXTREME Chute"

"no bro, I did that yesterday, it was way icy"

"what about this one?"

"No, thats all tracked out and crappy snow"

on and on they went the ENTIRE mind you it had been snowing all morning and there was probably about 5 inches of fresh on the ground and due to wind there was huge pockets of pow to be found for sure... I was happily looking out the gondi window deciding where to ride when one of the ultra cool bros says to me

"wow you look really excited. it's not like it's epic POW or anything"

"well, I just don't ski enough to be so jaded. I still get excited about POW, sorry you are so unhappy to be skiing today"

that shut them right the fuck

oh the best was some dude asking me if I was on the same Spring Break ski trip as his daughter. I pull up my googles and facemask and say "thanks, but no" I am close to 40 and very much look it so that shocked him to say the least.

Let's see..... I used to work on a really bad television show and while I usually don't mention what I do I stupidly told someone which show I worked on and that since it was just cancelled I was unemployed and living in mammoth until I found another gig.

He then proceeds to tell me how it was the fucking worst show on TV, how it should have been cancelled years ago and he watched every single episode just to see how bad it was. I think we rode off the lift and he was still yellung about what trash it was. ahhh..that's some good times right there.

I had some dude hitting on me in the gondi (ONCE!!!) and then I asked if he wanted to ride with me. I think where I wanted to ride freaked him out and he took the wussy way down the mountain. I followed him anyway, so he motions me to stop in the trees. We smoke a j and then he says "later!" and takes off!? So I let him go ...maybe he wasn't hitting on me? Who knows....but thanks for the hit off the j

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