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Speaking of animal suits, I frequently saw a skier in a white rabbit costume at 2 different hills last season.
One day I was with my 2 friends in the park at Timber Ridge, and there was a few other guys including himself... when suddenly he takes the head of the costume off!
If you've ever played a game called Halo, that would be like if Master Chief took his helmet off, not quite as epic though.

In the end, the rabbit guy was a cool person. I think he did it just as a joke, unless he had some sort of passion for fluffy white animals...

I've actually considered wearing some bizarre costume myself just for the fun of freaking people out. As long as I could get my helmet discreetly under it, of course. After all the heavy slams I've taken, I refuse to ride without my helmet. I do have that large alien mask I could fit in my Heli pack...
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