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Default Can you suffocate falling in Deep Powder?

YES YOU CAN. Same as a tree well, same as an avalanche. My only comment on the subject is I treat the powder snow like the ocean; giving amazing respect utilizing critical decision making, and using the newest protections like Avalung and for avalanches, the airbag. At the least, ride with a partner and practice leap frogging on non-pow days to get used to stoping to watch.

Saw this topic title on another message board and liked the title and approach. Brought out a great discussion from veterans and tons of hits. I know we have a tree well thread, but we can move this later this summer. Might as well spam a little this time of year to educate.

Someone there, mentioned using any face covering to help when falling in deep pow, but I actually do the opposite. I feel like I need the sense of breathing the air when in deep pow.
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