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Originally Posted by hktrdr View Post
I have the Vans Fargo. TheGoodRide idiots complained about the 'soft' toebox on those as well, but it really is mostly them spouting their usual bullshit/repeating what they have heard somewhere else. I am on my second pair of Fargos and have had them in many different binding, never had an issue with the toebox 'collapsing'.
Yeah, I noticed that they only seem to try of couple of a brand's products and then just say what they expect from the rest of the products in that line- that's obvious by how much they don't say but still try to provide a review anyway. I think, looking again, they actually did this with Vans boots: tried a couple models and then decided that they all have very soft toe boxes. Well that's a shit load of good, isn't it?

At least they have decent reviews of what they REALLY DO review, which is mostly Burton products for some reason.

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