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Default would 3cm make a difference!

I ride all kinds of boards. Have a 156 that I use the least, not cause of size, just not the best of the boards to spend a day on. But when I rode it I enjoy it the most (lots of fun to throw around and not care lol). I also have a 164.5 and a 168! I ride these two more.

I'm 6'2 205 lbs (now), but average 185-190 lbs by april, boots size 11.5.

Looking for a particular board that's only available in 159 now (162 sold out). waist is 257 which fits perfect. 162 waist width was 264 which is a little over what I like and can be slower edge to edge.

This is an all mountain (60:40 park). So my question... would the 3 cm (1.5 cm each side) really make that big a difference and where would I feel it most? I'll be using it mostly for tricks, spins, jumps etc. But i also LOVE to run & charge fast when I get a window.

Thnx for sharing your thoughts in advance.


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