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Talking Blah

Originally Posted by hktrdr View Post
That is probably correct. Most of the rest is inaccurate.

Only according to you. I have 14 years of riding experience, 6 years as a semi-professional, sponsored athlete, 4 years of teaching as an AASI certified snowboard instructor, 2 years experience as a mountain rep and countless hours of training and selling experience on brand specific features of products. I've worked in the snowboarding industry for 10 years and have been to numerous tradeshows, lectures, trainings, and seminars where similar topics have been discussed. I know what I'm talking about

No, wide boards are (very) generally recommended for foot sizes of 12 (not 10) and above. Bulkiness of the boot is not really important for anything but pow - what matters is foot size.

Ok, let's be honest, if you're looking for a park board and you have a size 10 boot, try riding a 152 regular width and see how much fun that is. If your at least decent you will notice toe and heel drag. But a size 10 can fit on a regular width board at maybe a 155 and definitely by a 157. And you probably haven't ever tried on different brands of boots or else you would have noticed that some brands are bulkier than others. For example- Thirtytwo boots are bulky (have a larger profile) compared to Saloman boots. Even some boots by the same brand have different profiles or bulkiness, lets take the Burton AWOL vs. the Burton Mission. Burton AWOL has a much smaller profile than the missions. I can ride the exact same setup of board and binding with two different sets of boots, one with a bulky profile and one with a low profile) and experience toe drag from the bulky boot but none, or reduced toe drag from the low profile boot, but there IS a difference, and powder is where you would notice the difference the least. Hard pack groomers or icy conditions would make the drag much more noticeable because there is no "give" to the snow in those conditions.

Waist width is pretty meaningless without taking into consideration sidecut radius, stance width, etc. What matters is the width of the board at the binding/foot positions. Read wired's excellent explanation that has been posted several times (e.g., here (

This is a very good description, however, many people do their research online and usually the only stat listed is the waist width. Of course the actual width where your feet are will be greater than the width, and will vary depending on the radius and sidecut, but generally speaking, a quick method to determining if a board will be wide enough for you is by looking at the waist width listed. If you have a ton of time on your hands and you want to take the time to call each manufacturer and ask them what the measurements are for the width at the inserts then be my guest. But it sounds like kbettch is looking at a lot of boards and it would be a pain in the butt to go and get all that info when in reality he will probably be fine just knowing the waist width and gauging what size he needs from that and using his common sense.

Very few people actually experience real toe/heel drag - and then only in pow.

True, most people will never be good enough or learn real dynamic carving to notice the effects of their toe and heel drag. Most people only ride groomed runs and perform basic skidded or dynamic skidded S-turns (which by the way is not techinically "carving"). But on a steep slope side-slipping toeside with a size 12 boot and a 156 not-wide board will quickly see what toe drag really is. And again, in powder you would be least likely to experience toe and heel drag unless you are riding in really heavy snow

Agree that the 156W sounds about right. But board width measurement should be done with bare feet, not with boots on.

At least we agree on one thing
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