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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post
Normally I'd be raising an eyebrow at your delivery (this isn't politics after all) but the advice was so horrendous that I just gotta give this a pass.
My bad. It just drives me nuts when people go out on the hill with a snowboard and no instruction and just try to "figure it out." I'm not a seasoned veteran coach, but I've been employed as a snowboard instructor for enough years to really hate people that just throw there first-timer friends on an intermediate trail on top of the mountain and say "heels and toes bro!"

I've also taught more than a few intermediate lessons that were cut short by some jokester trying to teach himself and slamming into my student...

Anyways, end of rant.

OP, I would highly recommend a group lesson because while the learning curve is shallow to begin with, a lesson will get your daughter turning and having fun at a much faster rate. Depending on where you are, a lesson, beginner ticket and rentals shouldn't cost more than 60 dollars or so. I wouldn't recommend higher priced private lessons until she can turn and is interested in honing her technique on intermediate trails.
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