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Hello! First post;

Iím just hoping for a little direction on the type of new snowboard to get. I am 46 years old physically fit 5í11Ē about 195 size 10.5 shoes. I snow-skied for about 20 years and have boarded for about 5 plus (Iíll never ski again, love boarding). 7 to 10 full days on the slopes is a pretty good year for me though I always try for more. I rented for several years and since the past couple years now own a 1999 Burton Custom 64 with Flow bindings which I bought as a prior rental board and consider myself a competent but basic intermediate all-mountain rider. I ride in Nor Cal in the Sierraís primarily; Boreal, Donner Ski Ranch, Soda Springs, Tahoe-Donner, Sugar Bowl, and Mt Rose. I predominantly ride the groomed runs from single diamond to blues (avoid double blacks) and particularly enjoy several inches of fresh powder atop a groomed run. I run at moderate speed, and hit the parks every so often for the smaller jumps and occasionally try the features (usually not very well) though I am truly just a visitor in the park. I do plan to expand my park abilities ever so slightly but I have no interest in becoming a freestyle rider. Iím not looking to develop my abilities exponentially other than to simply improve with time and possibly consider slightly deeper powder (though I donít ever see myself much off the established runs) I am primarily interested in a comfortable set-up yet have no interest in a ďbeginnerĒ board. My plan is to get a new set-up (board, boots and bindings) knowing it may probably be my last and likely be with me for the next 15 plus years I plan to continue this sport. I will probably go for another Flow type of binding as I truly enjoy the easy in feature.

I am comfortable and happy with my current board (which I understand is a traditional camber board) and currently donít worry about catching an edge and would like to keep it that way. Iíve learned of the hybrid boards and am considering one though I have more to learn about them and am not interested in a board that is unstable at speeds. My research so far seems to indicate that my type of riding may be best suited for another camber board though I have no reservations switching to another type if Iím convinced it would be suitable. So, I would greatly appreciate any direction on the type/types of board I should consider, and subsequently appropriate model/models. Also, if a camber board such as the Custom would be a consideration what more/different could I expect from a current model compared to my 1999?

I have searched the forum and learned alot and plan to continue, though I've found the majority of the posts lean towards a brand or model of board and I'm just hoping for some clearer direction on a type first (camber, hybrid camber, hybrid rocker, etc) then building from there.

I know there's a lot of information here and I appreciate any advice and direction available. Thanks very much in advance.
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