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Originally Posted by predtldrider View Post
Hello! First post;

Iím just hoping for a little direction on the type of new snowboard to get. I am 46 years old physically fit 5í11Ē about 195 size 10.5 shoes. I snow-skied for about 20 years and have boarded for about 5 plus (Iíll never ski again, love boarding). 7 to 10 full days on the slopes is a pretty good year for me though I always try for more. I rented for several years and since the past couple years now own a 1999 Burton Custom 64 with Flow bindings which I bought as a prior rental board and consider myself a competent but basic intermediate all-mountain rider. I ride in Nor Cal in the Sierraís primarily; Boreal, Donner Ski Ranch, Soda Springs, Tahoe-Donner, Sugar Bowl, and Mt Rose. I predominantly ride the groomed runs from single diamond to blues (avoid double blacks) and particularly enjoy several inches of fresh powder atop a groomed run. I run at moderate speed, and hit the parks every so often for the smaller jumps and occasionally try the features (usually not very well) though I am truly just a visitor in the park. I do plan to expand my park abilities ever so slightly but I have no interest in becoming a freestyle rider. Iím not looking to develop my abilities exponentially other than to simply improve with time and possibly consider slightly deeper powder (though I donít ever see myself much off the established runs) I am primarily interested in a comfortable set-up yet have no interest in a ďbeginnerĒ board. My plan is to get a new set-up (board, boots and bindings) knowing it may probably be my last and likely be with me for the next 15 plus years I plan to continue this sport. I will probably go for another Flow type of binding as I truly enjoy the easy in feature.

I am comfortable and happy with my current board (which I understand is a traditional camber board) and currently donít worry about catching an edge and would like to keep it that way. Iíve learned of the hybrid boards and am considering one though I have more to learn about them and am not interested in a board that is unstable at speeds. My research so far seems to indicate that my type of riding may be best suited for another camber board though I have no reservations switching to another type if Iím convinced it would be suitable. So, I would greatly appreciate any direction on the type/types of board I should consider, and subsequently appropriate model/models. Also, if a camber board such as the Custom would be a consideration what more/different could I expect from a current model compared to my 1999?

I have searched the forum and learned alot and plan to continue, though I've found the majority of the posts lean towards a brand or model of board and I'm just hoping for some clearer direction on a type first (camber, hybrid camber, hybrid rocker, etc) then building from there.

I know there's a lot of information here and I appreciate any advice and direction available. Thanks very much in advance.
Demo days are your friend. Since you don't sound like a super aggressive rider and you're not on the ice coast you don't have to go camber, and the hybrid and rocker shapes are fun to ride so you should try them out.

I'd recommend that you look for a burton demo day and try to ride the custom in cambered and flying V cofiguration plus try a full rockered board as well. That way you can see how the custom has evolved over 13 years and also see the difference between the various profiles.

From 1999 to now I expect the equipment will be lighter and snappier, and you probably could ride something a little shorter than the 164 you have now, there's a been a trend to riding boards a little shorter.

Since you are already an intermediate rider you can harvest opinions here about what to try, but really trying out a bunch of boards is best. Any demo day will do for that but if you want to see the difference between today's Custom and your current version a burton demo day would answer that question. I'd also recommend that you try the Burton Antler, it would be a good board for what you want to do, I ride similar style and demo'd one recently and liked it.

Since I'm a willing and happy prisoner of burton's proprietary board and binding connection tech I can only suggest from their line, it's all I really know. Others here can recommend from other brands.
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