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Originally Posted by grafta View Post
Shit, that's sad. Whistler def has that terrain that can kill. I think some people think, 'hey, it's inbounds, must be ok!'. I've been caught a couple time up there, hiking out from a cliff I ended up on top of... inbounds
Yeah Fernie is the same way. There are reasonably large cliffs (upwards of 30-40 ft) that are only marked by orange "cliff" signs every 20 ft or so, no rope. That the beauty of it all being in-bounds. If you're capable, you can do it!

There's a larger cliff with no possible way down on skis/board and it's roped off as a permanent closure.

Originally Posted by mitch19 View Post
Yeah, there's been a few times where I've gone to do a hit and been like hmmmm, I'll just check it and it ended up being a 30ft drop
I've had some nasty falls that way. Get over confident, ride in terrain that I thought I new and ended up landing on the opposite face of a 10 ft ditch. Insta headache and I thought I was done for the day! Came to my senses for a few mins and ended up being okay but there's this fine line between pushing yourself, and pushing yourself too far.
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