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That's like saying 'eat healthy and take care of yourself and you'll recover faster'.

Obviously that's true, but everyone who suddenly suggests vitamins when someone gets sick is silly.

If you're deficient, you need to be taking that stuff all the time, not just when you get sick. By the time you start taking it after you get sick you're already on your way to recovering and even if it helps you're looking at a such a tiny increase in recovery time.

I wasn't suggesting he take any vitamin d while sick as some sort of cure. I think taking any vitamins suddenly to help a cold you already have is stupid. If you want real results go to a doctor and get medicine that actually works fast.

What I was getting at is everyone was suggesting random vitamins so I suggested 2 that are actually found to be the most commonly found deficiencies among people living in winter climates. It has nothing to do with his cold, rather I thought some non random vitamin advice was needed.

Basically everyone living in a snowboard climate should be taking vitamin d and omega 3 regardless of whether they're sick of not.
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