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Originally Posted by onthefence View Post
I waxed and got a tune, then rode for 8 hours. Is it normal for my board to look like this already? The edges look dried out like I need another wax already
Was it a hand wax or belt wax?

If it was a quickie belt wax and you were riding all day particularly if on man made snow I could see this happening. Hand waxing penetrates the base better and lasts a little longer, so if it was a proper hand wax I'd be a bit surprised to have it worn off so soon.

I ride a lot of man made snow and bought an iron, 2 brushes (on nylon, one metal), a scraper and some wax; it doesn't take long to pay for itself, and it takes less time to wax the board then it does to drop it off and pick it up from a shop.
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