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Samsung all the WAY!!!

I have a four camera Samsung unit with DVR. It connects to the internet and can email/text me when the cameras are triggered or other events. And yes, you can watch live from a browser or smart phone (I don't)

I keep mine recording 24 hours a day and do not use the motion sensor to trigger recording. It takes up more disk space but I like to keep 'em rollin all the time if you know what I mean.. I can store an entire week of footage if I use two cameras and about 3 days if I run all four. Currently I am running two cameras. One that covers my driveway up to my front porch and I can see the apartment building across the street. The other cameara views my entire front yard and sidewalk..(Im the creepy neighbor!) I live in a so so area, some realllly nice houses and some very, very sketchy apartments...

Mine is not wireless but they do have wireless ones. I did extensive research and also have a few neighbors who have systems as well. We all went with various Samsung models.

Samsung is the leader in these devices and offers 24 hour customer support for free for the first year. Ive been thrilled with mine and actually handed over footage and had people busted for dumping couches on the sidewalk across the street. I gave the footy to the apartment manager, not law enforcement. The tennant came back and got his couches when confronted with the footage! FUCK YEAH SUCK IT ASSHOLES!!!

depending on what you want to spend, how many cameras you want and if you want wireless you can spend anywhere from 200-1000

my system is wired and came with 4 cameras--2 night vision and two day vision. The system cost under 300 dollars from Amazon (prime baby!) Worth every single penny. Yeah I have a couple ugly cables tacked under my eaves and a couple holes drilled in my walls, aint no thing. The cameras themselves are passive and do not require power, just video cables.

The DVR software is easy to learn and use and I can buy nicer cameras later. i.e. I want to replace my two day only cameras for night vision and I plan to do so.

Check your local laws for legallity regarding a sign stating property is under surveillance. Where I am it's illegal to record anyone INSIDE without warning but just fine to record them outside. I have my cameras in a fairly obvious location and just the sight of them deters a lot of people from entering my property. I can't tell you how many times Ive reviewed footage and seen people trespassing up my driveway, make eye contact with the camera and turn away. I get less menus and fliers put on my door for sure. As a single chick who lives alone I wouldn't have it any other way..I love my system and can't say enough great things about it. Tho I am tempted to get a sign that says "SMILE you're on CAMERA" just to freak people out.

and oh yeah be prepared for your guests asking you for the bedroom footage. That's the first thing friends say when they come over. "so uh...where else ya got the cameras eh?!?"

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