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Originally Posted by gmore10 View Post
im usally stoned half the time , i guess its a little creepy but hey fat guys need love to.
Hey, just yankin yur chain!!! I'm just funnin cuz early on around here I got tagged as bein a little creepy for being an "old fart" who uses too many smileys n shit! Since I am interweb ignorant, (...and somewhat of a Social Retard!) I didn't know that that was a "creepy ol kiddie diddler" kinda thing! That n I sorta got carried away joking with one r two of the female members who didn't know me from Adam!! (Mixie. ...genuinely sorry if I creeped u out for real!!! Can I still b your secret interwebz stalker?? )

It's been sort of a running gag around here ever since, so I just decided to "Go with it" and totally Own It!!!

(...although, the last couple of comments on this & some other threads. Has me thinking I may have "owned it" a little too convincingly! then I saw your post n figured,.. Aww Hell, I aint nowhere NEAR that creepy!!! )
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