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Default Oops, he did it again

In an unbelievable coincidence, my son broke his right arm almost exactly a year after he broke his left arm:

Side-by-side x-rays:

He broke his left arm falling forward off a box on January 7, 2012. Now, he broke his right arm January 6, 2013, falling backwards off a kicker. Even worse, he wasn't wearing any of the multiple wrist-protection options I bought him after the last incident. I lectured him two-weeks ago when I noticed he wasn't wearing his gloves with the integrated wrist guards, but I clearly should have been more insistent (not that they would have necessarily prevented it, but still). He knows how to fall properly, but of course sometimes instinct kicks in. On the bright side, he lectured himself for not wearing wrist protection while he was lying in the snow waiting for ski patrol. I guess he just needed to learn the hard way. Luckily it wasn't as serious as some injuries, and he should be all healed in 8 weeks if all goes well.

Anyhow, be careful out there.
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