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Revival because this is a fun topic...

These are useful facts, but not for us layman.

Stars don't actually twinkle. That is caused by our atmosphere.

If the estimated size of VY Canis Majoris is true, that star's surface would extend past the orbit of Saturn in our system. To put into perspective, over a billion of our Sun would fit into this massive star.

You can fit about a million Earths in the Sun.

There is about 1 trillion galaxies in the known Universe. Each of these galaxies contain billions of stars. Each of those stars could have multiple planets orbiting them.

Europa, a moon of Jupiter, is slightly smaller than our own moon, yet has in upwards of 3 times the volume of water as that of Earth's.

Voyager 1 and 2 are still sending information back to Earth. They are currently heading to the edges of the Heliosheath (the very limits of our Sun's influence). Basically put, they are about to be truly in space. Oh, and they are both traveling many times the speed of sound. Reviews and David Z's rants
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