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Originally Posted by G Steezy View Post
hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrnggggggggggg I'm dumb. Literally just had to use my fingers to figure that shit out.


One thing to note, most people that say they are doing a 270 front board are doing a 270 back lip, not sure why they always get that wrong but the back is to the rail.

Best way is to break it down:

- is the rail in front or behind you
- what trick am I landing in (imagine the trick with no fancy stuff, like just a boardslide)
- what rotation did I do and which way into it (270 - easyway or hardway)
- what rotation out
- reg or fakie landing

then put it all together for a ridiculously overnamed long ass trick name.

"Hardway 270 Frontboard to Fakie" for example haha.
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