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So a while back I was talking to this shop kid about the T.Rice and he was all "Yeah, that thing is like, crazy stiff."
And I was like "Really? How stiff could it be?"
And he was all like, "Like, really, really stiff Bro."
So I bought one anyways.

Being a product of 90's snowboarding, I can tell you that it is no stiffer than any cambered boards from back in the day and probably softer than most of them.

Not sure why I am telling you all this wonderful story but I guess the moral is, listen to people but ultimately you have to make up your own mind and go with your gut.

I love that T.Rice board but hate the fact that I almost did not buy one because of someone else's input.

Conversely, my buddy has a Skunk Ape (Size 13's), same size 157, and HE loves his.
It's just that his, is not quite as fast as mine.
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