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Originally Posted by Jed View Post
Firstly, you really need to start using paragraphs. It was REALLY hard to read that.

Secondly, learning to spin by 'doing what feels natural' and 'figuring it out yourself' is horrible advice. Do not listen to this advice please.

You should be learning to spin by finding out how to create a smooth spin (eg - watch one of the free snowboard addiction videos on spinning), then practicing to recreate the movement correctly.

You see, I'm referring more to learning to spin on a "box" by experimenting with what works for you .Proper spins require a proper skill set first. Obviously more things play into account to spin off a jump such as your "set up carve" "platform" "release" all that, but! Lets be serious in order to perform a 720 wizard spin on a box it basically forces you to learn these skills without really thinking about them it's near impossible to spin a jerky rotation over 360 on a box because its a much smaller scale and different circumstance.

The list to remember for the perfect spin on SA taut me how to spin backside but what I found is because there's so many things to remember it becomes more complex than it is... Now when just fooling around seshing with your buddy's pushing each other, your creating for yourself not only your unique style, but a way to progress faster. Fooling around pushing yourself to get that next rotation on a box really refines All the skills found in the SA videos ( I own them) to a much less intimidating scale because ,the take off is smaller, because you learn to have a fluent release, because naturally you learn edge control, aswell spin flat because if your use an edge on box you bail.

Not saying to go in completely blind with no plan, just saying one needs to experience progression within their selfs in order to achieve greater... Haha you think pro riders 10 years ago went on the Internet for tips? Hell no everything was from experience. Just having fun.

I ride a small hill with a dedicated park which has a rope so I can get like 50 park runs in night if I wanted, obviously if you ride less frequently on a big resort that requires you take a lift for 15 min to ride 3 park features your going to want to know exactly what your doing AKA mesmerize the SA videos hehe.
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