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Originally Posted by mixie View Post
No comment on stance, I don't even know what mine is. I just mess with my bindings till I am happy..

But! If you ever head up to Snow Summit on a weekday hit me up!! Currently I only work two days a week, Mondays and Fridays.... I have a lot of weekdays off, but I only make the drive out to BB/SS if I have peeps to ride with, other wise I hit up Mth High.

So if you ever have a free weekday let me know so we can shred!! If you only ride weekends you should try to sneak out mid week, Snow Summit and Big Bear are pretty much empty until the kiddies are released from school.
That's where we are today @ Snow Summit. We are here every weekend. But Mixie you are WAY better than us - we'd just slow you down! We are old and slow! We don't bomb the runs that's for sure. We usually can only handle the morning and then head back for lunch and a nap!

We got busted by Eyewitness News today for snowboarding on a work day!

I learned to snowboard at 50! woo hoo!
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