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This is pretty deep for a 360. Its quickly become more of a stock trick and I never thought a bunch about breaking it down when we taught it to the team kids. (We just started with a small jump and had them spin looking over their shoulder, core engaged, spotting the landing)

Popping 180s all over the place is a good place to start. front side 180's and then switch 180s (the 2nd half of the 360). Flat land 360s and spins (as in that 2nd video) are typically the next step. We also would take the kids out of their boards and have them stand like they were strapped into their board approaching the take-off. From there we would have them do a little pre-wind and jump while doing the 360 motion engaging their core and using their arms and head to look 360 for the spin and spot the landing.

Personally I think telling the rider to look at the take off typically leads to them stopping their spin (years of coaching gymnastics speaking here)..... Look over the shoulder for the landing and lock into that. Get the action and muscle memory in your head before taking it to snow. Jump off things (without your board and practice 360s). Ledges, retaining walls, picnic tables, etc...

Practice (first without, then with the board) standing on flat ground (in your living room, bedroom, on the mtn etc) jumping and doing 360s over exaggerating the motions (swing your arms into it as a little wind up). Muscle memory will help. You should be able to pop a 360 off just about anything. Doing it off a kicker of any size should be easier as you have more air and time to get the spin around at various speeds.

If you can take an old board, duct tape the edges and get on a trampoline.

Bottom line, committing to the trick will make all the difference. Good luck and post a follow up video.

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