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Originally Posted by AdamWho View Post
That is actually a lie. Maybe you are the one I shouldn't be taking advice from.

A reasonable criticism: they are expensive.

I understand that many snowboarders (especially corporate shills - Burton) are often luddites when it comes to new ideas but I just wanted to know the name of the product, not get opinions from people who never used it.
Are you calling me a liar? The guy that has a set of these sitting right here. A guy that has ridden them. A guy that has had them fail on me on 4 separate occasions. A guy that currently is laughing at the sheer weight of these.

Or are you saying that I'm a liar because I don't believe you should ever trust some fucktard that has to use a pole on his snowboard? I'm kind of lost here.

Also I strongly suggest you perform an anal cranial extraction and realize that Burton did this idea long before BonHiver. It failed then and by comparison it was actually built lighter and better.

But yes I am a lying luddite that knows nothing about snowboarding. Then again if I was a luddite wouldn't I fear the Internet or anything that involved technology? Hmm perhaps you should look up the definition of the word you troglodyte.
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