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Originally Posted by G Steezy View Post
Lol money mebbe?
Hm, let's go with that for a second. So Standard Oil is going to pay Iran and President Amanabajimeigaidkalalbamapwhatthefuck to not only NOT take advantage of an opportunity to embarass the USA, but in addition to NOT take advantage of a supposedly fantastic new source of energy. How much exactly do you think it would take to make that happen, given that Iran's official stance is that the USA is the Great Shaitan and the whole western economic system is His cabana boy? A hundred billion? Two hundred billion? And what do you suppose that the US gov't (and other governments) would think about that amount of money being injected into a country that's supposed to be The Official Enemy? Oh, wait. Standard Oil can pay those countries (and the US gov't) off too. Another couple hundred billion -- pocket change, right? At this point Standard Oil has spent more money trying to suppress a technology than they could possibly ever make back in any kind of oil profits -- and with no guarantee that they'll succeed. It would cost far less to just buy the worldwide rights to the new technology, patent it, control it,and live off the royalties.

Y'know, conspiracy theories bolstered by cheap throwaway claims are easy to create. But when you start thinking about what would actually be involved in making these grand conspiracies work -- it's usually 2/3 of the world population backed by 3/4 of the planet's money doing handsprings to convince 1/3 of the population (and the powerless 1/3 at at that) that blue is red, for no particular benefit that'll stand up to 5 seconds of scrutiny.

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