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I like the idea, and I think there is a niche there that if you could make a BETTER binding than Flow you could take them, but like others have said, there are a lot of things that would have to work flawlessly for you to pull it off.

- Mechanics need to be worked out so there are no failures... including freezing of the locking apparatus or snow packing in there.

- Baseplate is thick... and I can imagine the whole thing isn't exactly light.

- Since the heel cup moves, I can see there being a lack of response even when locked in. If it is not 100% solid and immovable when locked, both heel and toe turns would not be responsive and the whole binding will be sloppy.

- Have you done and stress tests at different angles to see if it is possible to eject from these bindings during a fall?

I'm not concerned with cool colors and designs at this point, and I don't know why anyone would be. This is a prototype... colors and graphics should be the last thing you are thinking about with this new design.
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