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Originally Posted by Nivek View Post
How and what I know of carbon fiber is my business. I have nothing to prove to you. You clearly have something to prove to us though.

You wanted them to lighten up the NOWS with carbon. I told you why that's dumb. Tell me again how my post was irrelevant? Oh and the Diode is a carbon fiber highback with Carbon (not fiber) in the POLYCARB base. The carbon in the base does not lighten it up, it stiffens it.

I couldn't give a rats ass who you've talked to. Name dropping does nothing for me. Again I put forth, if Burton could make a binding out of Carbon for less than $700, they'd have done it. They haven't. It's not cost effective.

Really to settle this, is there anyone out there with a digital scale that has a pair of NOW's and maybe like Cartels or something? They aren't that heavy anyway.
I'm not trying to convince anyone, I'm just saying id like to see it as an option. Every post I gave on the topic since saying I'd like to see it has been soley to correct miss-information about the material and its ability. I.e it failing in cold weather, or not being able to handle the task if being a binding.

I dropped the example of talking with engineers that use carbon fiber because at one time it was interesting to me and I decided to educate myself, and found myself in the company of people who know their shit on the topic. As far as price i could care less about that. I do know ts not as expensive as your bike parts make it out to be. Once I looked into commissioning an artist to build me an 8foot long living room table out of carbon fiber. While I don't remember the exact cost, I do remember buying it in large quantities wasn't that much, not to mention the price has come down a lot over the last 10 years.

As to why burton doesn't make a full carbon fiber binding I'd have to hear from them the reason, but something tells me that a company that charges 1700 for a board isn't afraid of making something costly. Your 300 bike seat post is NOT a berameter on the cost if carbon fiber. That's a fact.

Regardless, yes it would cost more, yes it would make it lighting and yes it could handle the task. With all those things I'm mind my original statement stands. I wish NoW would come out with a CF version. They weigh more then my genesis and diodes. I can tell just by holding them.
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