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Originally Posted by BurtonAvenger View Post
Funny I remember you biting your pillow and crying over your lack of knowledge or informed decision making. Also repeatedly being owned because your blind fanboyism clouds your judgement. I know this is a hard concept but when everyone says the same thing about a product having a fault and continually saying why can't they fix this and the brand ignores it, then it's the brands fault to recognize that they need to fix the problem. Hell by your own admission in other threads you recommend swapping the toe straps out for another brands. So are you admitting it's faulty as well or can Union do no wrong?

Let me give you a little history lesson here Extremo and you can look this up. Martino Fumagali (sp) and George Kleckner (pretty sure there's 2 other guys in there as well think Bob Gungam and Johan) worked for Drake during its heyday in the late 90's early 00's before the brand decided to shove its head up its ass.

Those guys made in my opinion some of the best bindings at that time because you were limited to Preston/Ride (Crap), K2 (explosive crap) Burton (plastics that ate themselves and ratchets that exploded, also had a weird fit on bulkier boots), Technine (explosive bindings), and a few others. It was during this time period Drake was pretty much on everyone's feet if you weren't sponsored by another company. At that time definitely the most durable binding.

These guys left and formed Union which is why the design cues are very similar. The problem is that a majority of their design ideas haven't changed since then. All one has to do is look at the fucking ratchets. Sure they worked back then but things have gotten so much better since then. Now you can sit around and not care about progression, but me personally I like having an iPhone over a Zach Morris brick, I like a Ps3 over a NES, and I definitely like bindings that are minimalistic but have increased functionality.

So Jr. what do you have to say to all that?

Now for 2014 supposedly there's a drastic overhaul on their binding line. I'm curious to see what's changed and to see if they've addressed the heel cup slip issues, ratchets, toe strap fit, that lame ass piece in the highback that sits between the strap and highback that seizes up on new bindings, as well as the dampening, and then there's my personal favorite the double ejection factor on the bindings. Would I be willing to try them? Yeah it's been a few years since I bothered to give a fuck about hopping on some Unions.

Normally I avoid getting into it with dipshits of your diminished mental capacity these days, but I felt compelled to speak up against your blind fanboyism. Also before you say Nivek is a full on hater, kid owned 3 pairs for his personal set ups over the years and had all those issues, yet continued to ride them till he had that big revelation you never will because your extra chromosomes hinder your thought process and bought some real bindings.
Thank you for regurgitating the same story that has been all over the web for the last 7 years.

You know what else drake used 15 years ago? A baseplate, also an ankle strap, also a heel loop. You're an idiot. There are 2 types of toe ratchets on the market, 2 piece and 3 piece. You're telling me Rome, Raiden, Ride, and Union, who all use this design, have failed to innovate? I actually find this design to be superior to the other. But, to each their own.

4 years ago Union had a problem with their toe ratchet sticking. I still have them. They redesigned them the next year. Now it's the strongest ratchet design on the market. The one heel cup slipping problem was on this forum and caused by user error, never heard of it again. Toe strap is redesigned, works perfectly. Dampening is perfect, I know you like inch thick pillows under your feet, but that's because your a pussy. I prefer to actually feel my binding. Double ejection? What's that about no pic didn't happen? This doubly applies to you.

Remember back int he days when 90% of what came out of your mouth was entirely made up? Looks like you're just the same old tard. Which is too bad. If you only had some credibility left, I'd actually think you had some value. Instead you're a waste of time.
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