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Originally Posted by Extremo View Post
There already is an easy way to open it. Pressing and lifting simultaneously. It's just as easy without the lever as it is with it. Just some people for whatever reason can't seem to figure it out. Low IQ? Who knows.
Yes you're right. I know it's easy when done correctly.

What I'm saying is that there are people out there who can't seem to figure out how do release it correctly/easily, which it appears you've also observed. I see them almost every time I'm in the lift line.
The very first time I did it I didn't realize I had to pull up on the front with my index finger while pushing down on the back end with my thumb at the same time. That was with the easier DLX ratchets. Now I have the Force ratchets, although I'm doing it the right way they still need a good amount of effort to release when fully cranked down. It's an issue. No matter how good they hold, they simply shouldn't be a pain in the ass the release.

Think of it like this: With a release lever you get the same performance but with 2 ways to release it- the same traditional way and an obvious way, for those guys that moan about it.

I imagine that Union will be adding this next season for financial reasons, too. Most of the time the toe ratchets are their only complaint, and if they crack down on it and fix the issue there will be much less complaints, resulting in more sales.
More sales = more money
More money = good brand lasting longer

I don't want to see Union bindings lose popularity and fall because of something as stupid as a missing extension of plastic. I'm pretty sure that you don't neither, so you should be happy that they're pushing hard to stay competitive by their fixing their only real problem.

It might not be a problem for you and me because we're aware of the easy way to release the ratchets; but it is a problem for anyone else who buys the bindings and doesn't read this forum or doesn't realize how to do it the easy way.
It's not like the ratchets are going to lose anything they already have, so I don't see what's wrong with it. It's all beneficial.

Now, who wants bacon?
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