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Originally Posted by jennifer View Post
You know...I was actually on your side of things in the begining of this thread. But your nasty attitude and absolute inability to even attempt to look at things in another persepective has changed that. lets assume you are right and there is no problem and everyone else out there is just stupid. Maybe union should at least put proper way to release in their own INSTRUCTIONS. Not everyone is a pro, not everyone who buys a union binding is going to be an expert or know that there is a particular way to do this. Many of them are going to be frustrated and not understand why their binding is giving them so much they will take it back.

I am a very new rider. Bought a pair of union flite bindings after my very first day of boarding. Very first night when I set them up in my living room I got one stuck. (I did say earlier I had never had one stick, but I was mistaken) Managed to yank it free and then came here to this forum to see what was up. Discovered that there was an easier way of doing things and have not had a single issue since. Love my bindings. But I had already found this site. Had I not known there were sites like this out there I would have popped those babies right back in the box and exchanged them for the purple burtons I was looking at in the same trip. Why is is such a BFD to you for them to put a simple stupid peice of plastic there to help out some newbies or some people who may have never rocked a union binding before? Or at the very least make mention of the mechanism in the instructions that come in the box?

I should not have to go searching online to figure out how to use my gear. Something like "how to release ratchet" should be included on that little sheet of paper that says "how to mount binding".

Again....Love my union bindings so far. Don't love your superior attitude or your assesment that anyone who would like to have a release lever or proper instructions is just stupid. That is assinine and makes you look like some 15 year old stuborn child playing on his mommys computer. Just saying.
Sorry to sound like a dick, but if you'd been around this forum for any length of time, you'd know the Union/Anti-Union debate has been heated for a long long time. It was once Burton/Anti-Burton (talk about fucking childish).

I'm all for a good brand battle, whatever floats your board. But some people know the difference between a newb having trouble figuring something out for the first time, and a legitimate design flaw. My ranting was aimed at the latter.
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