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as you know...riding park and powder is two different things....and involves different boards

go to hood, like high cascade or windells for park...spend a few weeks/months there or even campout in the lot and ride the public park or get a job as a digger.

go to baker for steeps and poo or where ever its pooing...the only way to learn is to wallow around in it....and its really about choosing your line wisely

if you are going to have a will not be riding that much...especially on good days....unless you hire....but those folks will be skippy on the poo u will be working

as for sponsership...luck, market value, then personality, a supportive team/crew and lastly skill which is necessary and required (but not as much as you would think...unless you are top tiered pro)

take jed's advice find a job/career that allows money flow and the time to shred and you will ride aaaalot more. Being a sponsered or pro does involve alot of standing around.

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