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Originally Posted by Snowolf View Post
Wow! Like holy shit wow!

Just read through that whole thing and this is the kind of shit that makes me glad summer is coming so I can go rafting the rivers instead of dealing with snowboarders......

just ride people!
I tend to agree. And while I'm quite often a focus in these threads especially regarding Union I try not to and very rarely resort to personal attacks.

And I can't count the times I've tried to get across that I do not hate Union. Some of their practises bother me as well as what I and many others believe to be blatant oversights in construction. But I like the brand. They have a very rider driven and fun image. And when they first got going they we're really holding to the creed that Drake set down with a binding that was comfortable, responsive, and would never brake. Its been 8 years though and coming from someone that rode them for 3 years exclusively they, up until this year at least, have felt stagnant. A couple new models and a few other small changes but nothing huge. Their flagship binding, the Force, has only had minor tweaks here and there in the history of the brand. Some good, some not. They started with a rubbery material as the heel bushings that I felt rode much better. The EVA in them just doesnt take up vibration as well. The heel straps are better. And the gen 2 toe strap was better than year one. One thing I like Union for over most I've worked with is the adjustments. You have a much easier time getting someone boots centered on the board and getting an exact width they like with the way the heelcup and toe ramp adjust.

To hate a brand as a whole is to say I dislike everything they do and everyone there. I don't. I don't even hate all their product. I will hapilly sell Contact Pro's after I make sure the toe strap fits well and clear the customer on the toe ratchet and other than my issues with the toe strap I see no reason why the Flite shouldn't be one of the best budget bindings on the market, I just haven't ridden them yet.

As far as my gripes with the toe ratchet, again, I owned 3 pairs over 3 years. It took me 15 seconds to figure it out. But I also had all six ratchet's retention springs fail around the 20 day mark and the levers would flop about. It never effected the functionality but to call that the best ratchet on the market is silly. And there is only one reason for them not to change to a levered release, cost. From the sounds of the email someone posted they are either adding a lever to it for 2014 or moving towards something similar to Burton/Flux. So as far as the ratchet debate is concerned, I think it's done.

The new Union representative on here has been civil to me and even concerned as to how my attitude towards the product developed. I won't alter my opinions, but in return I'm trying my best to be as objective with the product as I can. Blatant fanboyism isn't helping though.

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