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Originally Posted by Donutz View Post

I don't doubt there are drivers who are capable of doing all of those things while driving, and still being safer than most drivers. There are drivers who can drive 50% over the speed limit and are still safer than most. I know because I'm one of them

But you don't make the laws for those people. You make the laws for the ones who can't handle two things at once. And the problem is EVERYONE thinks they're a member of the first group, not the second.

Let's face it, all laws discriminate against the people for whom those laws aren't necessary. But all laws are made for the clubheads who can't handle a three-dimensional universe filled with more than 4 things.
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Originally Posted by gakbar22 View Post
If someone actually said to you, 'dude, you're making me nervous and uncomfortable in your car' would you consider chilling out on that?

When I drive, I want people to be comfy in my car... if I'm driving aggressively and they're freaking out, I'll slow down. If I'm switching lanes, I'll chill out.
I'm not a good passenger at all and won't tolerate someone driving me around like an asshole one bit. Disrespectful. Even with the physical ability to text and drive, the immaturity and bad karma will lead that fool to tickets and accidents.

Originally Posted by MarshallV82 View Post
I can agree with that. The main reason I never ride up to mountains with my one buddy is because he's a terrible driver. I love the guy but the silly bastard can't drive worth a shit. He never texts or talks and is frozen to wheel even when the roads are good. I've made him pull over and let one of us drive before. He's been in like 4 minor wrecks in the two years I've known him and is terribly nervous about driving.
My other buddy drinks, eats, loads and smokes a bowl, has been known to send texts when the road conditions/traffic allow. I feel totally safe riding with him! I typically drive myself since they only go on weekends though.
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