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Pleading for help from an expert boot fitter or anyone else that has had cramps...

I have issue with feet cramping bad. A sensation that hurts my foot and makes it feel like I must take a break from my run. Very debilitating. I'm getting depressed because its holding me back.

I had burton raptors. Same issue. Just picked up k2 thraxis. Same issue. At least it's easier to adjust with 3 boas but fk same issue. I thought it would be fixed with a more adaptable expensive boot.

I don't have the privilege of a good boot fitter locally. I live in Los Angeles and there isn't anyone very helpful around here that knows boots too well bc there's not that much snowboarding for this city.

I tried Aline insoles. I have a slight probation in my feet. I went to the doctor to find this out as I had similar issues when working out and I had rather tight cross training shoes on. I never get this pain when I'm just walking. It's only during very active times. Foot doctor said my pronation happens because my foot gets a bit swollen and causes pressure to shift towards my arch which also causes it to flatten out as a consequence. But I tried an Aline custom sole specifically for pronation and they tested my feet and recommended this. No luck in my boots. I tried with and without. The cramp still happens.

I'm not sure what to try anymore. It's really depressing. I love snowboarding but I'm seriously getting held back because I have to stop so much or I avoid progressing because of the pain.

My foot is normal width according to the foot measure thing at boot stores. But maybe it truly is a width issue with my foot getting swollen? I have nothing else to try. Maybe I'll pick up those Solomon wide models.

By any chance has anyone gone through this? Is there a possibility my feet are cramping in these new k2's because it was my first day riding or does it already sound like a bad fit? I thought it was pretty comfy outside of riding compared to my raptors and definitely no heel lift. Had some in my raptors.

The k2 feels very snug. No movement at all unless I really try to push my heel out my pushing down with my front toes very hard.

When I went up today I got my usual pain in the beginning and then I tried to make the k2 boots as loose as possible for the lower end of the boot and I still had pain. I ended up only trying to tighten the top boa out of the three. The one that brings the bulk of the mid to upper boot to your calf and foot and despite this looseness I still had cramping.

I tried to Make boot tight as possible at end of the day to try to mold liner. Hurt. Cramped / uncomfortable. I guess no one is making their boot as tight as possible for a day right? Unless I'm completely wrong and this means I need a super wide boot or something.

So whether I go light or tight I still get cramping. The only time I don't notice it as much is at the end of the day after 5 hours when I've just dealt with it and also became numb to the sensation but not completely. I wish it were my legs that hurt over my feet because at least that would be easier to solve. *tear*

Anyway. Sorry for the wall of text. I'm in dire need of help and tried to be as detailed as possible. Hopefully a boot fitter can comment or a person that has had this issue. Thank you!

edit: I do get a weird pressure point on my right with the k2's compared to the left but it's my upper front leg towards tongue of boot. Not really related to foot. I also can't move my foot. Barley play piano with my toes. Someone said they doubt it's related to width...
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