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Originally Posted by jennifer View Post
Again...for those who are having a hard time reading or understanding the paint problem. I have spent less than 5 hours on this set of bindings...on a very mellow 50 foot bunny hill. So yeah...I think my complaint is valid. Just because you dont mind your stuff looking like poo after that very minimal amount of use does not mean the rest of us are ok with it. Maybe if people expected better from some companies they would actually meet those expectations.

I am not usually a complainer. I actually originally mentioned the paint as a side note to the discussion. Because that bothers me more than the ratchet issue....which for me has not been a huge issue.

I am not a retard, or someone who expects their gear to stay pristine forever. I did however expect it to last more than 5 hours on a nearly flat bunny hill. There are no rocks, no ice, nothing hitting the bindings. I put my board in a bag when storing it, and for the car ride up to the mountain. I do not carry my board by the bindings or lay it binding side down ever. So I think it is retarted to tell me that I should expect to have paint peeling at ths point. I have said several times, I still like the bindings. I still plan on keeping them. I still like these better than the other 3 pairs I returned. BUT, I did expect them to look nice for a little while. But I guess it is hard for some people to grasp that. If no one gives a crap what their gear looks like then I assume all of you are wearing solid colors with plain black bindings and head to toe monotone. Obviously we all DO care to some extent what we look like. If we didnt they would not sell boards with graphics or pink bindings.
Or maybe you should just have stayed in ballet.

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