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Today the size 14 boobs- no, I mean boots- arrived. Like the 13s, they're also nice!

I tried them on, did the same test where I removed the insole and stood on it, and walked around in them... too big.

The insoles were a little longer than my foot (about the same distance as the 13s were shorter.) This makes me a size 13.5, which I can't get in ThirtyTwo. Once again, I find myself in a situation where I just can't seem to win.

On the inside, I felt like I had about the same amount of room that I initially did with My old size 14 Ride boots, which have become too big after packing out. These have much better heel-hold, though.

Since I have these I might as well do a quick review of ThirtyTwo's Fast Track lacing system, which is the same on all their FT boots.

It was pretty good. I yanked the pull tabs while the laces were locked and nothing moved. Because of the way the lock is hinged, it only gets tighter on the laces if you pull them with it closed. I strapped in and rocked around quite a bit too, but they didn't come loose.

As far as speed goes, I was surprised to find that I was just as fast with the traditional lace version of the boot. These look cooler and are more fun to tie though. At first the pull tabs went everywhere when I pulled the handles, but then I held them in the center with my other hand and they were fine.

The true advantage of this lacing system is being able to adjust the lower section of the boot separately from the top section. It's a lot more effective and adjustable than the Boa system on my last boots. The handle storage being inside the tongue is a good idea. It looks a lot cleaner and lower-profile than other brands which have them on the outside.
They also include an extra set of laces, just in case.

So the laces are great. I much prefer these over Boas, but that's just me. As far as fit goes though, I'm leaning more towards the 13s. I might just pay the extra $20 and order those in the speed lace version. I don't think I'd mind waiting the extra week or so.

Here's a video of me putting one on to show how the speed laces work slightly differently than those from other brands:

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