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Originally Posted by Leo View Post
No. The paint isn't falling off by itself. They sit in the box or the display shelf, which is the equivalent of your driveway analogy, and the paint remains fine. You drive your bindings off the lot and take it off-roading. Some of us jib, jump, and go rock diving. Even if we aren't doing those things, we are still constantly flexing these bindings putting stress on them all the while they continue to get rocked by vibrations.

So then the paint falls off and people think it did it on its own. Again, the paint stayed on just fine when it was sitting on the shelf or in the box. Not to mention getting shipped around.

Long story short? Who cares?
I don't think anyone is saying it is falling off by itself, just that with the lightness of the use so far it sounds like it should be holding up far better. To go back to this car analogy, your paint shouldn't fall off hitting a pothole at normal city speeds. As for who cares, she said she is happy with how they work and that is truly what matters. However when people spend good money they expect a certain quality and Union is a company that likes to place itself in the upper echelon of binding makers. If this were Lamar or some big box brand I could see saying you get what you pay for but people are paying a premium for the Union name and the quality that should come with it. It is nice to see that Union is listening and I commend them for that. Their supporters should take some cues from the way the company has handled themselves in the various Union threads.They are big boys, they don't need their fans going all reactionary and crapping on their reputation.
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