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Default Sent my board to burton for warranty

At the beginning of the year i purchased a 3 year old brand new Burton Jeremy jones for 200 bucks.

The top sheet was peeling off severely in mutiple places so i sent it back to burton. I would have repaired it with epoxy but ive never seen a top sheet come off like this with out any trauma. It was coming off significantly in 4 spots.

I called burton before hand and the guy said that Repairing boards is almost never done and they will almost certainly call me to figure out what board theyre going to send me as they wont have any of the same model to send.

Has anyone here ever been in a similiar situation, what type of choices did they give you regarding boards.

PS: if you ever need to ship a snowboard, instead of paying 20 bucks for a box, go to a snowboard store and ask if they have any left over. Saved 20 bucks today like that.

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