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I was at Wilmot Sunday night between 9pm-11pm as I was itching to do any kind of riding after getting back from WA a few weeks ago.

It was COLD and windy, like 18 degrees, not sure how I found the motivation but still had a decent time just doing any kind of riding.

I must say that riding out here so far has been like ice-skating, I don't know if it's like this most of the time, but wow - you take a fall and you fricken pay!

I'm used to falling on my hands/wrists since my gloves have built-in wrist guards, but it seems like I've injured some bones in my hands, so will get that checked out tomorrow hopefully. Wrists seem fine thankfully. But I think I'm going to switch back to actual wrist/hand guards and pull gloves over them if I continue riding out here.
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