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Originally Posted by jennifer View Post
All 3 instructors I worked with thought the equipement was fine. They just told me I was taking longer to progress but was still doing well. I did rent a board for a while on my third day/lesson. It was not any better, and in fact worse in some ways.

I am not "trying" to lose weight. I am losing weight. I have lost 120 pounds so far. I am feeling great, and would seriously rather eat a bullet than go back to where I was.

I have done 3 lessons already...and am feeling like until I can master the things that were taught to me at those 3 lessons I am just burning money to have someone stand around and watch me fall. Once I can actually link some turns and make it town a hill (even a small hill) without ending up on my behind or my face I plan on spending some serious cash on private lessons to help me progress.....also to show me how to get on and off an actual ski lift. The big bunny hills just have moving carpets.
Ok so, I'm a lurker on this site, and have read through this whole thread... you mentioned that you go to China Peak, that's where I mainly go! I drive about 3.5 hours, and it's been almost 2 weeks (sad face).. but it makes me want to ask... when you say you do the bunny hills, is that all you have done?

Knowing how short those hills are, I would have to agree with people on here suggesting you move off of them. Getting off of the lifts, definitely a bit scary when you're learning. But, if you fall.. you fall. Just move out of the way, and it will click. If you feel comfortable slowing yourself down on your heels or toes.. definitely go to the top. Academy is much better for learning than the bunny hills. The top half. The bottom half is completely flat, and I still get stuck every time.

Getting off the lift at the very top, kind of steep and to the left. Make sure you lean forward, with your board straight. Again, if you fall.. you fall. Chair 6 (to midpoint) is a little easier to get off of. But my favorite learning area of the mountain, is the top of academy, but that's me.

Once you start to get more comfortable on academy... I would highly recommend going to the other side where lift 7 is. It's all blue runs, but they're really short. I can't remember the name of the one in particular that I like... the outermost one? I can look it up if you're ever interested in knowing, but it's the one that linked turns really clicked for me. The best part about that side, it's less crowded. The runs are short, lift is fast and easy to get off of, and you can tell that a lot of the people there are learning/practicing.

This was probably a really long response... but I know China Peak, and just want to actually be able to give pointers! If you have questions about runs, I can answer .

I try to go during the week, especially since now I always work weekends at one of my jobs... But hey, if you ever want to meet up with a beginner/intermediate rider, I love meeting new people
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