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I have been charged a few times with my dog and other people's dogs. Best way to react is to stay calm. Most dogs are bluffing. I have found stray dogs separated from people are normally the least scary dogs. I think people's emotions are picked up by dogs.

My dog got into a mild scuffle once and was attacked by a much bigger dog that was on a leash. The scuffle lasted seconds and both dogs were off-leash. The attack was random and my dog was off-leash. He was right by my feet when this women walked by with an overweight akita. The akita is poorly socialized I see it sometimes. He is very aggressive and was on a flexi lead. He wants to attack and is not under good control. He grabbed my dog by his jacket and shook him while snarling.

I have never seen this in off-leash stray dogs or under voice control off-leash dogs. They either ignore us on walks or approach friendly. When I was charged I never felt I needed to shoot the dogs.

This dog in Denver was caught with a catch pole was not posing a threat anymore and was likely not when on the run. Tazing the dog and shooting her was not necessary, the public was safe.

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