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Default Possible to injure rotator cuff from fall?

I took a pretty decent spill last week trying to grind a rail, ended up bailing and fell directly on my left shoulder (it was icy as hell too, midwest FTL). Anyway, the first 2 days I couldn't even lift my arm over my head. It has gotten better but i still feel the pain when I try and move my left arm from the left to the right while holding on to something/putting pressure on it (like making a one handed turn in a car or something, if i steer to the right with the left arm tightly gripping the wheel it hurts).

Wondering if anyone has had something similar. Does this sound like a rotator cuff issue? I know we're not Doctors here but just trying to get some input. I'm going boarding again on Friday and my left arm is the arm I use to push myself up off the ground when I'm getting up, etc.
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