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Hate tailgating... absolutely hate it. Truly the worst driving habit, especially in volume traffic. As someone that commutes into NYC I would guess that 85%, possibly more of the traffic I deal with is the result of the accordion effect... not to mention fender benders because of the assholes that tailgate. I had a semi-road rage incident last week coming home when some dbag insisted on sliding in to my following distance to advance a single car length.

I am guilty of sneaking in an email, text or look once in a while and i use a mount for my phone since I also use it as a GPS. I could do it all day if other people weren't so terrible at driving. Its mostly out of fear of others that I try not to make a habit of it.

If only people knew how to drive... Paying attention, maintaining a proper following distance, gentle breaking, smooth acceleration and staying right except to pass could eliminate so much of the traffic i deal with.
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