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How do you all feel about technology that allows cars to be self driven? A few companies are experimenting with this technology now. In theory, it would allow cars to drive within a few inches of each other since distance would be monitored by computers and electronics rather than by humans with variable reaction times. You would eliminate the accordion effect. You would be able to text, read, eat, take a nap, or do whatever you want while the car drives itself.

Regarding distraction while driving, has anyone else read Traffic by Tom Vanderbilt? It's a pretty interesting read. One of the discussions regards the amount of information a driver has to deal with on a typical drive down a city street. Between traffic signs, business signs, other vehicles, traffic lights, speed control devices, etc. the average number of decisions that a driver has to make was something in the hundreds within a very short distance. An experienced driver knows how to sift through the information to consciously deal with the most important information (such as a car approaching from 90) while letting the subconscious deal with the less important information (such as a yellow traffic sign that says "deer" or something like that). A new driver, such as a teenager, still needs to process consciously much more information than an older, experienced driver.

Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do (and What It Says About Us): Tom Vanderbilt: 9780307277190: Books

Check out this video of a car parking itself in a parking garage. Of course it's not practical to implement right now, but I think it's pretty amazing that a car can do this on its own.

CES 2013: Audi Piloted Parking - YouTube

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