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Originally Posted by PowderMonkey View Post
I enjoy riding in powder on green/blues and believe that the trails shouldn't be groomed after a snowstorm until the end of the day. What exactly is so ridiculous about this opinion?

Just typical internet forum B.S. You get it in every forum, youtube video comment section ect.

Goodbye! I'm done with this thread. I't s a shit throwing contest now. Just was looking for answer about which resort in the area grooms fresh snow the least. But it degrades into people telling me to STFU and the likes. Another usueless forum ruined by immature juveniles.
If you want to know why your local resort grooms the beginner runs after a storm, it would be best to call them and ask! They may have a valid reason for doing it, or maybe they'll honour your request for less grooming!

Where you lost us is when you said that you're guaranteed to hurt yourself if you ride steeper terrain. Remember that the whole idea behind carving/turning is to scrub off speed. I can show you videos of people riding 45 degree terrain that are carving and maintaining a "safe" speed while descending. The other thing that stands out is you seem to suggest that "catching an edge" is going to be what's going to hurt you. I've got a video of me carving hard on a black diamond groomer, and then catching an edge. Yes I go down, but I end up sliding on my back, getting back up again, and going right back into carving.

What makes steep slopes more dangerous is the fact that speed will increase dramatically if not kept in check (as an experienced rider would do). Now, add powder into the equation, which results in almost no "caught edges", and also the energy it consumes while it compresses underneath you, and a slope that you would normally hit 50 kph on while bombing, suddenly becomes a 35-40 kph slope. It means you can open up your turns and really enjoy it.

On beginner terrain in general there isn't enough slope to maintain a carve while descending in powder, in fact in many cases if they were left ungroomed they would be unridable. With 1' of powder you likely need a 5+ degree slope just to maintain speed, let alone accelerate enough to require turning.
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