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Default Not sure if I should get the CX 156 or 158

I already have the 2010 Custom X in a 156. I plan on updating it to a 2013 as I love the board but I'm not sure if I should up to the next size. I know I don't want the 160.
I'm 5'4" about 185lbs. Little overweight but most muscular build. I am pretty much exclusively east coast resort freeride. Particularly Vermont spots.

What I love about my 156 currently is the maneuverability. I feel like I could turn that thing on a dime. But I'm wondering if going up even that one size, with my weight, will allow me to gain a little more speed? And would I still have the same feeling of control?

**tried to do an extensive search through the site before posting this but couldn't really find an answer that helped me.
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