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Originally Posted by blunted_nose View Post
Fuck you all. Snowboard or die. I agree with the OP, people that keep the industry going are those who sacrifice things in life so they can ride... I am the same, heck i even quit a job to go snowboarding... it was a shitty job but non the less. Real snowboarders are those who life for it, not shitty gear reviewers that complain about the costs and pro friends who cant afford to snowboard....
I would much rather work a shitty ass job that fucked me up my ass so i could board every day, then worry about the promotion... If you care about your family you might want to get your priorities straight.... LOL, wut? i dont know.... felt like stating a bunch of bullshit. But seriously, i love snowboarding and nobody will stand in my way....

End of retarder rant, shit storm initiating.... 3.... 2.... 1....
Originally Posted by blunted_nose View Post
Second thought: New snowboarder emerging each day, Better then the riders before them, tons of them. they push snowboarding to the next level and the old guys simply cant follow. Name one pioneer of snowboarding that could throw down a triple cork?
Originally Posted by blunted_nose View Post
I know, i was trolling....
You're a moron. Also Chad Otterstrom 36 years old 1080 dub corks. Kevin Jones same age as Chad triple backflip.

Also pretty sure I clocked more days this week than you have this month.

Face the facts you as a turd nugget don't support snowboarding in any capacity.

Keep trolling little guy maybe one day you'll actually be good.

Originally Posted by Maierapril View Post
The people that keep the industry going are the people that are able to AFFORD the products and services that drive the growth of the snowboarding industry, not through the shitty jobs so you speak of that allows you to barely cover the cost of rent let alone be able to purchase the gear and services that companies depend on to thrive through profits.
Pretty much summed it up.

The truth is the people that drive skiing and snowboarding are those that go on vacations 1 to 2 times a year. Their maximum number of days doesn't exceed double digits. They buy new gear every other year or every three years. They buy that 10 dollar burger in the base area, they stay in that 100 dollar a night hotel room, etc. etc.

Case in point I grew up in a ski town. I never bought a pass to that resort and didn't buy my first season pass till I was 22 and even then I paid 48 dollars for it. Rode 100 plus days on it, and rarely bought anything at the resort. You think they made money on me?

In Summit County if I pay $550 for my season pass I have it paid before the end of October on an average year. I had 60 days before X mas this year, you think the resort made money on me from that? Nope. I can't remember the last time I bought food in the base area of Breck since the town is right there. They make all their money off the tourists.

Companies it's the same you think they're moving more $550 priced boards or the $329? It's the lower.

Hate the gapers, hate the tourists, hate the guys in denim. But those are the people that keep everything going. Economy sucks and those people have less cash to spend so they're doing other things. I commend anyone that can go out and do what they love as much as they physically and economically can afford in this economy. Not everyone is as blessed as someone like myself that made the choice to ride as much pow and park as possible.

Originally Posted by trapper View Post
Yeah I know. My comment just stemmed from the fact that I've had many more negative encounters in terms of near crashes, rude behavior, etc directed at me by skiers than snowboarders. At the end of the day, you're right, we're all there to enjoy it and the more demand for snowsports in general, the more likely we are to see new hills open up, places expand, etc. so we'd all benefit.
People are people whether skier or snowboarder. I got a snowboard instructor fired on the 21st for being a complete douche bag.

You make a point on new hills. We're losing more hills than we're gaining in the US.

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