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Originally Posted by redlude97 View Post
Waxing is a science and racers do it because races are won on the order of seconds to milliseconds. Every bit helps. My argument was that it makes less of a difference than base shape/geometry. Maybe I shouldn't have used marginal but can you quantify the increase it makes? The only time a really notice a board being low on wax is on flats and even then it doesn't really stop me. Of course I don't usually go more than 3-4 trips without waxing. I probably overdo it but I also realize the gains I'm getting aren't going to be earth shattering, and the board I pick from the quiver makes more of a difference for a variety of reasons.
Yea, that's what I meant by the marginal difference between types of wax because racers get picky over milliseconds.

I can't quantify how much difference waxed vs a bone dry sintered base makes, but I can definitely notice. I'm not blessed with awesome conditions in Michigan. Our man-made crap eats up wax like nobody's business. I notice when my board needs wax. This is why I also use rub on wax for in-between sessions religiously.

Also, I agree with you on overall board selection making big differences.

Just saying, the wax thing isn't marginal. Maybe for riding optimal conditions it is
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