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Originally Posted by RockSteady View Post
From the start I said all the tech on a board is important but you guys wanted to discount wax and I think that's wrong.
Actually no you didn't, i just re-read over the posts and you said nothing of board tech until i brought it up, to which you replied that waxing has more of an effect on a boards speed than base tech.

Don't start changing your argument now. Fact is, your opinion is that wax makes more difference to a boards speed than its camber, base and edge tech. My opinion is that base tech, edge tech and camber play a larger role in board speed than waxing.

I think most people will agree that waxing makes a marginal difference, probably only importantly measurable when it comes to racing. And while many people can tell the difference between a freshly waxed board and a bone dry board i believe that the type of board and its footprint on the snow have a much more dramatic effect on its overall speed.
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