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Originally Posted by Barto View Post
Hi all. I've only posted on this forum once or twice but I've been a long time lurker.

I am strongly considering getting rocker board or some variation (camber-rocker-camber, rocker-camber-rocker, etc) and am looking for advice. I want to see if it is possible to get everything I want from one board.

I live in Southern Indiana so the only place I have to go snowboarding is a small hill called Paoli Peaks. They rarely get any real snow so the hill is always covered with man made snow. My wife and I do go on at least one trip almost every year to a real mountain. (This year it was Whistler ) I go to Paoli as often as I can while the weather lasts.

I'm not into a lot of park features like rails and whatnot. I do like hitting jumps and have gotten comfortable doing 180s of rollers and kickers.

I am currently riding an Atomic Alibi (camber) from a few years ago. I have it set up duck and symmetrical because a couple of years ago I decided that I wanted to get really comfortable riding switch. Since then I really like being able to ride either with no difference in my stance. That probably not ideal for my board, though.

Here is what I'm looking for:
  1. good pop
  2. is easy to spin
  3. has somewhat forgiving edges while landing spins
  4. has enough edge grip for the icy conditions I ride on most frequently
  5. is a twin
  6. can also handle all mountain riding when I get to go to a real mountain
  7. is somewhat capable for butters

Is all this possible on one board? Does it sound like a rocker is the way to go?

I will be on the hill this Sunday and may try to demo a rocker. I would like to have a more specific idea of what to ask for before I do. My budget is flexible.
In my opinion rocker helps for beginners, loosens the board up a little bit for easier learning. It also helps in Powder for extra float and allowing you to ride a smaller more maneuverable board. Rocker can be a bit over rated though as far as the park boards, it's good for selling boards and is a nice playful forgiving feel but Camber gives you the most edge control and precise control of your snowboard. I can tell you as far as the ice goes magnetraction is a beautiful thing. Shit just grips ice. some times a little too much. careful. If your mostly into just killing the groomers and a little free riding I might think about a cambered. And if your not hitting rails and barely hitting the park why do you want a twin for your all mountain experience. I'd defn go with a directional all mountain board in your circumstances. You can still go switch and all that but you wont sacrifice sweet quick speed turns when your riding the the whole mountain and get those set back directional cut turns.

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