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Originally Posted by RockSteady View Post
Cool man, You sold me, my life just got a hell of a lot easier, screw wax, had no idea it all taboo. Guess all the focus on wax, its all just and industry trick to make money. Damn, I need to spread the word that Wax only helps in the most select conditions and only makes the most marginal difference. This is big news. Thanks Bro. I'm gonna save a load of money and tons of work and time. Your the shit.
Holey fuck are you really that obtuse? WAX MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Any unwaxed board is going to be slower than the same board that is waxed. Boards make more of a difference, which you seem to disagree on, even though you bring up race boards and only seeing a handful of brands. If wax was the holy grail, why doesn't a broski show up with skate banana, some race wax, and own everyone?
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